Home Improvement: Materials For Your Garage Flooring

Flooring forms a permanent cover for a raw floor, making it stronger by using materials that are designed for floors. Generally, floor coverings are a finishing touch to a bare sub floor rand can be designed using tiles or marble. Other flooring covers feature different materials such as carpet, area rugs, vinyl flooring, wood, linoleum, terrazzo, stone, and ceramics. The subfloor is the layer which provides support to the upper layer in term of load bearing and is under the finished top floor layer..


Generally people do not pay any heed to decorating their garage flooring since it is not used in the same was as other parts of a house or outside parts of the house. Garage floor covering has never been atop priority since installing flooring is not cheap, therefore people try to avoid extra expense on it. You may not initially be concerned about garage flooring but garage floor stains are not easy to remove, and if those stains remain they can emit unpleasant odors, hence resulting in a less attractive appearance. It is difficult to easily check for fuel leaks which can cause stains on the garage floor.


Paints – Painting garage floor can be one of the cheapest techniques for floor covering. Painting the floor gives a better look than before but it does not last long, so if you are choosing this plan you must be ready to paint it again.
Epoxy flooring this type of flooring provides a strong covering for a garage floor. It is, of course, more expensive than paint but it gives an overall better look – like a show room. If you are using your garage as your workshop it helps you slide easily under the automobile reducing the risk of an accident.

Tiles these are the next best thing to epoxy and are more useful than any other materials. Tiles are expensive but last a long time and you can trust them for many years. There are different types of tiles which you can use but tiles with the recommendedthickness are recommended since cars are heavy and a tile needs to be able to take the weight. Tile coverings are permanent type coverings and easy to maintain.

Wood Wood composite flooring tiles are especially made for basements and sub flooring system and can be used as garage floorings. These types of tiles have the advantage of soaking up moisture quickly, and are made thick so that they can take a heavy load.

Flexible Flooring Tiles these tiles are used because of the advantage provided by the materials, the garage floor will retain its quality and ,no matter how many times it is maintained the tiles do not give up on their strength and look (features). Since automobiles are of heavy weight these tile are best for heavy usage.


Floor coverings such as carpets and rugs are included in the category of soft coverings. They can be taken outside the garage in order to shakeout any dirt dropped by car tyres or the shoes you are wearing, making your garage free of dust.

Wooden Flooring wooden flooring can be useful for garages which light-weight vehicles only, providing that the floor can take their weight. Wooden flooring gives an elegant look, however if you are planning for a heavy weight vehicle then the thickness of wood should be enough to take the weight, but again the cost will rise with the thickness of the wood that has to be installed.

Resilient Flooring This material has elasticity and many materials such as vinyl sheets, linoleum, VCT, cork, rubber and many othersare categorized under this type of flooring.. Generally these types of flooring are used in dance institutes or sports buildings.

Hard Flooring ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and quarry tiles are categorized under this subtitle since this flooring gives high durability and can support heavy weights with less maintenance.

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