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I have always dreamed of having a big garage filled with garage equipment that would allow me to not only do mechanical work on my cars but also to do other projects around my home. This dream finally came true last year, well the part of owning a garage. We moved into a big house with a double garage that was really big. There was tons of room in it. I could now see myself fixing the vehicles as needed and doing other renovations in and around the house. Now I just needed to find the equipment to fill it.
I added shelves to the garage and went and bought a couple big toolboxes. I knew it was important to have toolboxes to protect my tools and so I would always be able to find the tool I needed. I filled the tool box up with a set of basic wrenches. These were in metric measurements. I also bought a set in standard measurements. I bought some socket wrenches and adjustable wrenches. I knew these were wrenches I would be using a lot. I also added quite a few screwdrivers. I bought them in all different sizes. Some were flatheads and some were Phillips. Some were just a few inches long and some were a foot long. I knew I would get a lot of use out of all of all of them.
I also bought a couple hammers, a couple pair of pliers, wire cutters and a flashlight. I then bought boxes of screws and nuts and bolts so I would always have them on hand. My toolboxes were filling up fast.
I had a car lift installed in the garage. I know a lot about cars and can do most repairs. So I knew I needed something to lift the car up so I could easily work underneath it. I did buy a jack and a set of ramps for smaller jobs also. Of course I bought a good lug wrench for changing tires also.
I was well knowledgeable on how to change breaks on most vehicles so I also bought a grease pump, a fluid evaluator and brake bleeder. Now I could change breaks with ease.
An air compressor made its way into my garage next. Air compressors are great to have to clean engines and also to fill up tires. A drill was also purchased. It would come in handy to drill holes and so much more.
There is so much more that I could buy but I had already spent a lot of money. I figured what I had gotten would be more than sufficient for now. I looked around my garage and was very happy with what I saw. The garage equipment I now had would see me through many repairs and many renovations and save me a lot of money because I could do them all myself.

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