Funny Baby Tees Make Cool Baby Shower Gifts

If you have ever been to a baby shower, you know that they are all pretty much the same. The same games, the same decor, and even the same presents. While we know new moms need receiving blankets and pacifiers for their little bundle of joy, it is so much more fun to give baby shower gifts with a little personality. Spice things up at the next shower you attend with a little help from Lollipop Moon. Lollipop Moon has hundreds of amazing baby gifts in store, but their most popular items are their funny baby tees.

Funny baby tees are the perfect gift to give at showers or even during the holiday season. They say so much in such a little package! Lollipop Moon has several funny baby tees to fit everyone’s personality and sense of humor. New moms have it rough with sleepless nights and new obstacles, so why not add a little humor to their lives?

For the mom and dad to be that love popular music, why not get them the Party Like A Rock Star Baby Creeper, which is inspired by a hit song. Or how can you not love the Baby Gaga Baby Creeper. Both sets of cool kid clothes are such a perfect fit for hip parents.

For the tech-savvy parents, we have a baby onesie that will make you laugh. Chose from the iPoo Baby Boy Baby Creeper or the iPoo Baby Girl Baby Creeper to get your little one started off on the right foot. This is the perfect gift idea for any parent who loves Apple products or spends a little too much time on their IPhone or IPad.

How can you not smile when you see the Pimp My Trike Baby Creeper. This funny baby onesie is a throw back to the show “Pimp My Ride”, and will be loved by any MTV fans or those who love to fix up cars. If you know of a dad to be that is into car restoration, then you know he will love seeing his little one in this cute outfit. Plus it might inspire him to do just as the onesie says and pimp out his little one’s tricycle.

We all know of some parents who are a little more “earth-friendly” than others. These parents love to recycle and use earth-friendly products and are not ashamed to brag about it. For these parents, we have a special baby tee for them. The I Recycle Baby Sitters Baby Creeper is hilarious and cleverly designed. There is no doubt that their little one will be into recycling, but rather than paper and plastic, he will be recycling babysitters.

Any of these funny baby tees will add a little variety to the same ol’ baby shower. You will no doubt get compliments for your unique baby shower gifts. You will even put a smile on the mom-to-be’s face by gifting her cool kid clothes that will make her little mini-me look cool. So if you want to be the person who brings a little humor to the next baby shower, check out one of the several funny baby teesavailable at You will not be disappointed with their large and varied selection of cool Baby Shower Gifts for new moms and dads.

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Vinisha Vinny is keen about educating parents about baby wear, Buying suitable baby clothes is an important responsibility for every parent in order to keep the babies comfortable.Lollipopmoon the number one online retailer of baby clothing, and baby gifts.

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